ACT II: Niche • LURE • Where the Wild Roses Grow

by Tina Jokitalo from Karleby

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Editions 10 (triptych: 66x186 cm) AP + 5 + 5 (singles, sizes: 50x50/80x80cm)

ACT OF IMPRESSION (2013) - LICC 2013 shortlist awarded work. The ‘Act of impression’ - series is acting out the female presence, disguised as mother nature. Alongside the knowledge that the impressionists were inspired by the photography itself, I reversed the state of impression into the language of a lucid illusion, that is dismantled and staged in four acts. This body of work celebrates the strength of being a woman, but it is also questioning the myth of the female role. It is about love, seduction, commitment and fertility. Asking ourselves, what is natural? ACT I: The Rose Garden • PRUNE • (I Never Promised You) ACT II: Niche • LURE • Where the Wild Roses Grow ACT III: The Woods • HOOK • ... do us part ACT IV: Freeze • SHOVE • Rose among the roots


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