by Devajyoti Ray from New Delhi

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42 inches x 36 inches

Pseudorealist Artwork



Devajyoti Ray is one of India's best known post-modernists known for the initiation of a new school of art called Pseudorealism. In Pseudroeal artworks abstract shapes and offbeat colour schemes are used to bring forth a comprehensible scene from our daily lives. Commonplace scenes thus get an aura of something special and precious moment gets etched on canvas frames. Ray has often been described as a thinking man's artist as he says very little through his works and rather lets a thinking man think. Precise moments of life are his speciality - sudden gesture, a short shift, a hidden smile - small things that make life so much meaningful if only we stop to take cognizance of them. In post-modern world of urban complexities, Ray's works bring a whiff of fresh air and colour to our otherwise dull existence.