Icebound Wilderness No.3

by Eddy Kwan Lap Chan from Hong Kong

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134 x 44cm

冰封野嶺 (三) Icebound Wilderness No.3 2009 ink on paper During the creative working proccess, Chan applies the technique of rendering like sprinkling, dotting, printing, spraying, rubbing, dripping, dropping, washing, splashing etc. to let the vital spark of creativity develop in a independent condition without restriction, so as to find out the breakthrough in the process of creativity while in the pursuit of creativity to renew the thought, and then animate strength in his artwork in order to develop the spirit of modern art. The original source of inspiration in the creativity of his art comes from the “root” and “water” that connect tightly with his train of thought and feelings As the author thinks that both the “root” and “water” bear the same conceptual meaning concealed behind. That is “THE ORIGIN OF LIFE” The author especially like applying the images of the Creator 's work like the world, Mountains , rivers. water and another form of water like snow, mist, cloud, morning glow etc., to express his fervent love and glory of nature, so as to convey the conceptual meaning behind his creative work. In depicting the winter scenery in the dusk of a large piece of cold land, the root and trunk are quivering from the cold amid the rugged and cramped mountain rocks.


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