Mischmasch is a community of artists and art collectors.
Paintings by Emily Lau from Hong Kong
About Us
Our Goal

Mischmasch gives artists a fresh and well designed platform to showcase and sell their work. It also provides an engaging and accessible environment for art collectors. Our goal is to bring the art industry into the future — using design and technology to promote a genuine kind of participation: between creator and audience.

The Story So Far

Mischmasch was founded in December 2008 by Alice Zhang as a tool for her and her friends to keep each other updated on their work. Since then it has grown to a global community of 3000+ artists from over 170 cities. Our members come from art hubs such as New York, Beijing and Berlin as well as unexpected and intriguing locations like Guayaquil, Myrskylä and Gdynia. In 2009 we expanded to include a physical gallery in Hong Kong where we curate works for popular artists we find on the website.

In Spring 2013, we launched a brand new design and added “BUY IT NOW” functions.

I am an artist, what can I do on Mischmasch?

Showcase: Upload images or videos of your work and create your own profile. As a Mischmasch member you represent yourself.

Community: Mischmasch is driven by communication and participation. It features a dynamic grid system that rearranges based on number of votes and when the artwork was uploaded so the popular artworks bubble up to the top. Visibility and exposure is based on how active you are in the community.

Sell: The “BUY IT NOW” page is currently curated by our staff. If you are an artist member and want to sell on Mischmasch, get in touch.

I am an art collector, how do I purchase work?

Mischmasch focuses on artworks with wit and social commentary that reflect the perculiarities and nuances of our era. Artworks for sale will be labeled with “BUY IT NOW”, likewise sold items will be marked with a “SOLD” label. If you see an unlabeled item that love and you’d like to purchase it, please contact us and we’ll try to get it for you!


How do I become a popular member of Mischmasch?
A star indicator in your profile shows your overall “popularity” on Mischmasch. We add up the votes you receive for each work uploaded, but you'll also receive one point every time you vote for someone else's work, one point for every comment you make and one point when you like another person’s work. This way your activity on Mischmasch directly affects your popularity. What goes around comes around!

What is the Exhibition page?
Every month we pick a topic for the exhibition page. When you upload an item you have the option of entering our current exhibition or you can create a new piece based on your interpretation of our current topic. You can suggest a topic by clicking here.

Does it cost to be on Mischmasch?
Mischmasch is Free.

How can I sell my work through Mischmasch?
The “BUY IT NOW” section of Mischmasch is currently invite only and curated by our staff.

What kind of artworks do you focus on at Mischmasch?
We love artworks with wit and social commentary that reflect the peculiarities and nuances of our era. We highlight artworks that tackle themes such as our whirlwind urban lifestyles; the commotion of commercialism; social, political and economic anxieties; and finding meaning in the disparate material that inundates our lives — issues that dominate the digital era.

Why is design so important?
Design is at the core of Mischmasch, our aim is to create a fresh and engaging experience for viewing artworks online. We aspire to use design to create new tools that promote a genuine kind of participation: between creator and audience. We believe design will bring the subtle nuances of life into the digital world. We will continue to build environments which allow users to create and exhibit valuable content that accumulates in knowledge and increases in beauty over time.

Are there any rules?
The aim of our website is to promote original artworks from artists. Please do not upload images or videos of work that you did not create. Read our Terms and Conditions for more. How can I report malicious comments and inappropriate items? You have the right to remove any malicious comments made about your work. If you spot a questionable or inappropriate item, let us know by clicking on the flag link next to each entry and it will be reviewed and dealt with privately.

Where are you based?
Hong Kong.

Do you have a physical gallery?
Yes we do! Mischmasch Gallery in Central, Hong Kong holds regular exhibitions and events for popular artists on Mischmasch. Go to the Gallery website to see what’s showing.

Which browser is best for viewing Mischmasch?
Chrome, Sarafi and Firefox.

I have more questions!
You can contact us here.

FREE Shipping

Limited time offer: FREE worldwide express shipping for all artworks.


Paintings on stretched canvas will be packaged in layers of bubble wrap and placed inside a foam box. Unframed prints and drawings will be rolled up and placed inside a carton.


All artworks are shipped using Express Shipping. Delivery to the United States takes 5-7 business days, Europe 6-8 days. Delivery to everywhere else 8-10 days. You will receive a tracking number once your item is shipped.

Customs Duty
Hong Kong is a free port and does not levy any Customs tariff on imports and exports. Customs duties will not be added to your order, you may need to pay duties when the artwork arrives in your home country.

Have more questions?
Email us: info@mischmasch.com


Alice Zhang Founder, Creative Director email | twitter

Mischmasch was founded in 2008 as a tool for Alice and her friends to keep each other updated with their work. Born in China and grew up in New Zealand, Alice has lived in four continents and worked as a graphic designer in New York City, London and Beijing. Alice graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with a BFA in Graphic Design. She now lives in Hong Kong.

Alice designed Mischmasch and can be found at Mischmasch Gallery. She paints too.

Alice likes: brass instruments, typography, the smell of lemons, red Skittles, and Edwardian train stations.

Alice's favorite works:

Billy Han Lead Programmer email | twitter

Billy likes to explore the intersection of technology, humans, and emotions. He also has built multiple robots which mimic organic behaviour. Billy is interested in the way artists and scientists can work together. He likes artworks that are graphical and have social commentary that can be understood cross-culturally.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Billy graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Science.

Billy's favorite works:

Hilda Chan Video Artist, Project Coordinator email

Hilda’s work crosses the boundaries between a variety of disciplines and mediums. From film to installation, from painting to photography. Hilda is currently working with performance art and experimenting with the relationship between the artist and the audience. She was born in Hong Kong and has lived in the UK and USA. Hilda studied Film Animation & Video at the Rhode Island School of Design. Hilda is in charge of Mischmasch TV.

Hilda's favorite works:


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